“Flappy Party Revenge” is a hit with over 10 million Flaps making it #1 music game in US and Canadian AppStores!

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Download “Flappy Party Revenge” for free via this link → https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/flappy-party-revenge-all-smash/id815835049?mt=8


InfiniDy’s latest title “Flappy Party Revenge” – a massive multiplayer online mobile game has gained new heights. Released exclusively on the Apple’s AppStore on March 7th 2014, it has reached top 100 games chart in the US and Canadian store. Over 5,700 people have rated it with 4.8/5 stars – putting the app amongst the very few good quality flappy apps available – among a plethora of flapp bird clones. A lot of amazing new updates are in production and we wanted to share with you some cool stats of what we have seen so far.


Cool Stats

  • - Over 10 million flappy creatures have flapped in Flappy Party!
  • - Almost 2 million tournament sessions have taken place in the last 5 days.
  • - 4 Flappy creatures take flight every second in Flappy Party.
  • - Flappy Party has been #1 music game app for last 3 weeks – in US and Canada!


Reviews and media coverage

i4u.com just ranked Flappy Party Revenge as one of the top 5 Flappy Bird remakes -

“…You can change the style of the graphics for each game play. Do you want to have a Justin Bieber head instead of a bird? How about in space? Would you prefer Miley Cyrus’s head? The choice is yours in this fun app. As if “Flappy Bird” wasn’t addictive enough, Infinidy Corp makes it even more difficult to put this game down with unlockable designs to keep you interested. The music that accompanies the game is hilarious and makes it almost essential to play with your sound turned on.”

Read more at http://www.i4u.com/2014/04/69003/top-5-flappy-bird-remakes#VXc0Fp7HtHdyutLu.99


AppStore ranking

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