Behind the Scenes With Programmer in the Making, Andrew Burger

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Starting up a business takes a lot of time and effort. It takes great idea’s, hard work, and knowledgable people. Four years ago, two University of Waterloo students had the same idea to create a game in the mobile industry, which was just sprouting. It was that common goal that lead to the creation of InfiniDy.

At InfiniDy we truly pride ourselves on taking co-op students under our wing and shedding knowledge on them. Developer Andrew Burger is one of those students.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they have to grow up, figure out what they love to do, and make a career out of it. What could be more fun for an individual’s career than being a part of creating games? Although Andrew is very active and enjoys outdoor activities such as off-roading, and biking, gaming was his calling. He came to Kitchener to attend triOS College and study video game programming.

Being a local company, InfiniDy was an obvious choice for Andrew. Our successful portfolio of games ensured Andrew that there would be plenty of opportunity to learn, as well as challenges that would give him the optimal co-op experience.

“My internship at InfiniDy has given me the opportunity to get into the programming field relatively quickly, giving me not only an educational background, but also a practical background in game development.”

“I wanted to be somewhere where I would learn a lot, but also be able to put some of my own idea’s into the game. I’ve gotten that experience and it has been great!”

Andrew enjoys the fact that at InfiniDy he is able to implement his own ideas and complexities in the game. He also enjoys that we not only work as a team, but hang out as a team as well, whether it be events where everyone games, or bowling and pizza.

Andrew is ambitious and wants to make a strong impact in the mobile gaming industry “The complexity of mobile gaming has showed me that I love challenges. I want to get to that higher level of game development complexity in the future.”

If you want to test and develop your skills and talents, then join the InfiniDy team. You will be given challenges, tasks and most importantly, opportunities.

“I really enjoyed spending my co-op term working at InfiniDy. I am going to go back to school with skills that I never expected to learn. I am going to miss it here [at InfiniDy].”

There you have it, wise words from Andrew Burger, Student and Developer at InfiniDy.

At InfiniDy, we don’t just welcome developers, we encourage applicants with a variety of skills to apply. Let us know what type of interests, skills and education you have. Anyone can apply! If you’re interested in living the dream like Andrew, tell us a bit about yourself, your interests & passions. Email us – and send over your resume!

Don’t wait, apply for your best job ever!

 - Stephanie July 24, 2013

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