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June 19th was an exciting day here at InfiniDy. Big congratulations goes out to the InfiniDy team, and our friends from Boom Digital Media Group and BigRoad Incorporated! These three companies celebrated their graduation from the Accelerator Center program in Waterloo, Ontario. Graduating as full fledged businesses, these three tech companies have built their up way from scratch.


The Accelerator Center held a nice ceremony at their building. Walking in, you couldn’t help but smile, seeing how many people were there to support these new businesses; co-workers, friends, and families. Now, normally with graduation ceremonies, people associate long, boring ceremonies that drag on (I know I did), but this one took me by surprise. Not only was the ceremony only a half an hour short, the speakers talked, joked, made everything interesting and kept peoples attention (and this was without the sugar buzz from the cookies, scones and coffee!).


Founders of InfiniDy Corp, Rashid Khan and Cai Xun look back on their first game. “It was experimental, we wanted to know if there was potential in the mobile market. So we worked on 9000 BC from the University of Waterloo’s computer labs and libraries”.


Their efforts proved to be successful, and the InfiniDy brand was born. “We hired our first co-op student and approached Tim Alice, CEO of the AC Program and inquired about the program”. Within a few months the founders were setting up their offices at The Hub. “We got a lot of assistance around running our business. We were able to cut all the boring management stuff – like doing payroll and accounting and were able to focus on the product.


Not only do you get all this assistance but you are also in an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship – I mean everyone around you is hustling.


“You also get credibility, so it’s easier to attract talent.” Rashid.


The Accelerator Center is a world renowned center known for stimulating economic activity. It helps entrepreneurs and smaller companies in the Waterloo Region, that want to take the next step for their business, grow and become successful. The Accelerator Center utilizes a team of advisors and mentors with knowledge in multiple different fields to educate AC clients and get them on their feet, marketed and active, quicker than they would be able to on their own. Partnered with the Ontario Centers of Excellence, WatCo, and Accelerator for Commercialization Excellence (who works with Communitech), The Accelerator Center continues to help companies like Infinidy build and grow, so that they can become the best business they can be.


Rashid and Cai want to thank: Tim Ellis, Iain Klugman and Kevin Tue for believing in us.


Cameron Hay, Derek Smith and Kevin Madill, our entrepreneur in residence and advisors. Andrew Jackson for helping and connecting us with amazing people and showing us the ropes. Ellyn Winters Robinson for polishing our press releases and marketing material, Kevin Hood for marketing mentorship. Chris Howlett for connecting us with tech experts. Gary Pooley for mentoring us on financial matters.


Kathy Dawson  for doing all our payrolls and her patience with Cai. Corinna Luu & Michelle for greeting our guests and managing our snail mail. Jane Kains for providing us a fun environment and hosting all the exciting events. Brendan Lowther, who helped us settle in when we first moved into the Tannery building.


Barb Muise, Karen Perry and Kathy Dawson, Beth Cotter, Brett Shellhammer & Greg Barratt for connecting us with UW special programs and helping us with our pitch. As well as our fellow entrepreneurs and the community.


These have been our mentors, guides, critics and we are proud to call them our friends.


All in all it was a great event, and we here at InfiniDy couldn’t be more grateful.


We did it!

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