Happy Park

Create the five-star AMUSEMENT park of your dreams! You are just a download away from building and customizing your very own AMUSEMENT Park! Choose which attractions to buy and which Mascots to hire. Have a great time building your own personal AMUSEMENT Park!
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Cartoon Garden

Ever wanted to have your own garden full of cartoons? You perhaps dreamt about it, but now you can really have one! Download Cartoon Garden now and start making a wonderfully cute garden for yourself!

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US Warfare

The world is changing. Times are extreme. Things are tough… This time, the war is not international. Its extraterrestrial! The world was in peace, then came the Aliens! Aliens, are here to fight against just one country. You are a soldier, your duty is to protect the nation. Will you be able to protect the nation or turn it into a messy, filthy and cruel alien playground? Download US Warfare and find out…

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2012 Zombies Vs Aliens

2012 Zombies vs Aliens falls into an action/strategy nook that pits you, as either the alien or zombie race, in trench warfare versus the other side. Instead of weighing you down with crazy controls or complex strategy bits, the game simply gives you a handful of soldiers, some bombs to throw, and a simple mission, to march forward with WWI-like gusto.
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9000BC Pro

The natives from neighboring tribes and the monsters from the deep Jungle are coming. They are here to take away the power of life from your Village. Your strength has been magnified by the power of the Gods. Along with this strength, new powers have been granted to you. 9,000 BC promises to take you back in time where fiction is reality! Featured by Apple Inc., as best archer game.

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